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After an unknown end to the world, China finds himself in the afterlife, reunited with his old lover, Rome.


Urriðafoss, Iceland
Derek Kind

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Inquisitive Calf

by Dave McAleavy

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The bulk of hate messages came within like 20 minutes so I assumed someone was talking about me

I found it

I was in a horrible state of mind earlier and that’s why I asked for people to send me insults but I’m currently trying to feel better so if you guys could stop sending me hate that’d be wonderful


Gold Eyes by 

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❝ I'm tempted to ask you to tag anon hate because seeing you get hate is honestly triggering to me but I also want to know if you get it ugh I don't know ❞

Sorry I’m on mobile I can’t tag asks

Arctic fox ~ by "Charles Glatzer"

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Anonymous said —
❝ Grell is a woman and you are transphobic. ❞



Cat slippers, believing that the food has been valuable in

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Glacier National Park by Nathan

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i need to disappear again i need to cross stitch or something i cant keep hating myself right now i’ve been through so much this week i cannot have this much self-hate right now